Spark Investors Celebrate 88% Increase in 12 Months

Equity crowdfunding enables small and medium-sized investors to buy shares in early-stage companies on the same terms as large Venture Capital or Private Equity firms.  Gone are the days when private investors needed to have a minimum of €500,000 before they could get access to start-ups with high growth potential.  

With Spark Crowdfunding, Ireland’s only equity crowdfunding service, Irish investors can invest from as little as €100 in Irish start-ups.  While this low entry level of just €100 makes these investment opportunities accessible to almost everyone, the average investment amount made by an investor on the Spark Crowdfunding platform is actually €2,300.   

Most of these investment opportunities are what’s known as EIIS qualifying, which means Irish Taxpayers can recover 40% of the amount they invest as part of their tax returns.  So, for example, if you invested €1,000 in one of these companies, you would receive a Tax Rebate the following year of €400, regardless of how the investment performs.  In effect, this means that the maximum you can lose is 60% of your investment.  

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Busterbox raises new funds at an 88% increase on last year’s valuation

One such investment opportunity on the Spark Crowdfunding platform in the Summer of 2020 offered investors shares in a Dublin-based company called Busterbox, which is a Dog Subscription Box service.  Every month, thousands of dog owners pay approximately €20 to have a box containing treats for their dog delivered directly to their house.  The business was growing rapidly before Covid but experienced a boom in activity when more people were spending time at home with their pets.  

Busterbox raised funds from 82 Irish investors on the Spark Crowdfunding platform in September 2020 at a share price of €1.  Such was the growth in the business over the next 12 months that a significant industry partner invested €250,000 in Busterbox at a share price of €1.88.  

This translates into an 88% increase in the value of an investment in Busterbox just 12 months previously.  But, when you include the 40% EIIS Tax Refund the return on investment over this 12 month period is significantly higher.  

In simple terms, if you had invested €10,000 in Busterbox, it would really only have cost you €6,000, and the value of your investment is now worth €18,800.  An increase in value from €6,000 to €18,800 is actually a 213% increase in investment.  (Do the Maths!!)

What’s more, investors on the Spark Crowdfunding platform pay 0% commission when purchasing shares.  There are no hidden costs and it’s free to open an account.

Over the last 3 years, Spark Crowdfunding has offered 26 investment opportunities to Irish investors. 

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