Wellola - 7 reasons to invest €1,000

Wellola is a Dublin-based MedTech company.  Patients can now manage clinic appointments, access a library of educational materials or securely receive real-time care via messaging and video consultation using the company’s app.


The company is looking to raise €100,000 and has exceeded 30% of that target in the first 15 days. 


Here are 7 reasons to consider an investment in Wellola today:


  1. Wellola is an Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-Up company and funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will be matched by Enterprise Ireland.  Therefore, if Wellola raises €100,000 from the crowd, Enterprise Ireland have committed (subject to satisfactory completion of the legal agreements) to invest an additional €100,000 (with no additional equity dilution). 
  2. Wellola is an EIIS approved company.  This means that Irish investors can avail of a tax releif on their investment in the form of a tax rebate (30% in the current year plus 10% in year four.)  Therefore, if you invest €1,000 today you will receive a tax releif of €400, regardless of how your investment performs.  A €1,000 investment therefore effectively only costs €600, considerably reducing the downside risk of an investment.
  3. Following a very successful 2018, Wellola is projecting Revenues of €333,000 for 2019 and a Net Profit of €59,000, an impressive performance by an early-stage MedTech start-up.      
  4. Wellola has built and owns proprietary MedTech technology which is highly scalable for international markets and may be white-labelled to other interested parties.
  5. Wellola is operating in a very high-growth market.  The telehealth care software market opportunity is forecast to be worth $27 Billion by 2021 and is growing at a seismic rate of 20% per annum.
  6. The Wellola Team has unique, in-depth knowledge and experience in this sector.  One of the co-founders, Dr Greg Martin, is a medical doctor with an MBA and a Master’s degree in Public Health.
  7. Today is International Women’s Day and Wellola is led by Sonia Neary, a female Irish entrepreneur


If you would like to view the Wellola campaign video or make a pledge to invest in the Wellola equity crowdfunding campaign, please click here: Wellola Crowdfunding Campaign