CRO#: 631191


Gig Tech

Gigable is a decentralised digital platform which connects short-term contract workers in the gig economy directly with businesses looking to staff specific shifts.
by John Ryan
157% Funded
€ 800,000 Funding goal
€ 1,259,808 Invested

Company Summary :


Gigable has been generating revenue since 2020 with a strong product-market fit refined by more than 100,000 transactions executed on its proprietary platform. Over 47,000 freelancers use the platform and more than 1,500 businesses hire gig economy staff through the site.  This exceptional product-market fit has attracted serious backers drawn from tech entrepreneurs, venture capital and Big tech.   


Key highlights:

  • Focus sectors are hospitality, security and cleaning services in key geographies of Ireland, London and UK
  • €1 million of revenues already generated since 2020 inception 
  • 1,500 businesses registered on Gigable mobile app/browser platform
  • 47,000 gig economy workers have registered on Gigable 
  • Influential backers with success in VoxPro, Hostelworld and Google 
  • High profile customers with Subway (UK) and PressUp Group 


*** Gigable is NOT an EIIS qualifying company ***

…. but investment here with Spark qualifies for Preference Shares