CRO#: 630397


Circle Economy

Ireland’s first nationwide Deposit & Return Scheme. Providing an affordable, cost-effective reusable cup solution to independent cafes, chains and large organisations.
by Kevin Murphy
46% Funded
€ 300,000Funding goal
€ 139,013Invested

Company Summary :



2GoCup is an environmental initiative designed to prevent the production, consumption & landfill created by single-use cups while offering the same convenience and affordability to independent businesses right up to chains, catering groups and organisations.

How this works is simple, there is no change to the customer journey. You will pop into your local café, purchase a beverage as per normal and then pay €1 extra for a 2GoCup. You will go about your day and once finished, return the cup back to any participating outlet for your €1 back. 

The cup operation is cost-neutral for the business, as we supply the cups to the café at €1 each. We then charge a subscription for the business to work with us, per outlet. The minimum cost saving using 2GoCup compared to any alternative available globally, is 75%. 


Key highlights:

  • Successful pilot operation receiving international recognition (Partnered with EPA, Dublin City Council, DCU and Trinity College)
  • Product designed and built with leading manufacturers behind global brands Starbucks, Hershey’s Chocolate and Corona Beer
  • Market-tested (after pilot) with over 100 sites across Ireland & UK
  • Partnerships with global catering giants The Compass Group, Sodexo, Baxterstorey and Masterchef 
  • Large competitive advantage in the Irish market and first mover advantage in a very big and growing market (Coffee Shop industry expected worth €220bn by 2025)
  • Qualifies for EIIS Tax Relief