CRO#: 570686

Access Earth

Travel Tech

Access Earth is the world’s 1st business & travel review site for those living with disabilities. Our software sources unique data from trusted commercial partners & consumers
by Matthew McCann
109% Funded
€ 150,000 Funding goal
€ 163,887 Invested

Company Summary :


Access Earth’s goal is to be the world’s largest database of accessibility information. The platform integrates with customers’ systems and provides website/mobile app plug-ins which generate reliable accessibility and safety/social distancing information about the customer facility eg. Sports clubs, municipal venues etc. By utilising Artificial Intelligence, a comprehensive map of a venue can be produced with satellite data and online databases.


Key highlights:

  • 110,000 locations world-wide already mapped 
  • Access Earth is currently generating annual revenues of €80,000
  • 135 million people in Europe alone live with a disability
  • Validation with grant funding (H2020) and prestigious competition wins (Microsoft, UN) 
  • Software (SaaS) architecture/platform delivers competitive advantage in business model and ability to scale globally.