CRO#: 656906

Akkure Genomics

Med Tech

A powerful MedTech platform that solves systemic problems in the Global Clinical Trials industry by matching Patients with the most relevant Clinical Trials.
by Dr. Oran Rigby
238% Funded
€ 500,000 Funding goal
€ 1,189,084 Invested

Company Summary :


AKKURE is a patient-centric digital platform which uses AI to match patients’ data with the most relevant clinical trials. 80% of trials struggle to meet enrolment deadlines. AKKURE’s platform boosts enrolment and the chances of a successful trial with a more precise telemedicine network which personalises patient access and rewards those patients for sharing their data.  


Key highlights:

  • Digital software platform at commercialisation stage for roll-out with hospitals, GP practices and clinics via HSE.
  • Data sharing system protected by blockchain technology and enabling doctors and patients to control clinical data rather than pharmaceutical companies. 
  • Launched Covid Medbot in February 2020 securing 90,000 user consults, 15 large pharmacy chains + 340 physical pharmacy locations
  • Brought together major industry consortium (Microsoft, ERGO, RCSI) to win €6.3m project for DTIF. 
  • Access to range of digital health and Medtech patents (3) to enable next generation precision clinical trials.