CRO#: 715451

Altach BioMedical

Med Tech

A spin-out from Trinity College, founded with the objective to commercialize a collagen scaffold technology for cartilage repair, >15 years research, patented in 2015.
by Tomir Kosowski
119% Funded
€ 950,000 Funding goal
€ 1,126,415 Invested

Company Summary :


Altach is at the forefront of developing a unique Type-II collagen scaffold technology aimed at addressing osteochondral defects. This innovation is poised to redefine treatment, providing a more natural and potentially more effective solution to cartilage repair and regeneration. Current treatment options for cartilage repair and osteochondral defects are limited, and often come with disappointing efficacy, longevity and functional outcomes


Key highlights:

  • One of only 8 innovations/patents out of 2,500 chosen by NLC Ventures for funding/backing 
  •  One-in-Six adults in the US suffer from osteoarthtritis.
  • The total addressable market (TAM) is worth $4.9 billion
  • Small scale pre-clinical animal trials have proven that Altach’s Type-II collagen scaffold has higher regenerative potential than Type-I or Type-III collagen which currently available scaffolds on the market are made from.
  • Final design freeze to be completed within 15 months.
  • Highly experienced team in both Med Tech clinical trials and commercialisation/execution.
  • Altach with 20% market share would be €400m opportunity.