CRO#: 703793

Binarii Labs

Security Tech

Patented software which allows businesses and individuals to continue to access valuable data and files even if their cloud storage venue has been breached and lock-out occurs.
by Aidan Finn
206% Funded
€ 900,000 Funding goal
€ 1,850,000 Invested

Company Summary :


Binarii Labs' patented solution uses a unique configuration of encryption, blockchain and multiple cloud hosting venues to ensure continuity of access. By encrypting/fragmenting data across multiple cloud venues, the user can bypass a cloud breach and view files by combining the fragmented data across the other cloud sites. Existing storage solutions (eg DropBox, Box) do not provide this security feature at the higher level ie at the user level, using a trusted interface.



Key highlights:

  • Management Team – Highly qualified and highly experienced
  • Patent Protected Technology – Patent Granted in US / Pending in UK
  • Live and Generating Revenues - €100,000 for July
  • Founders Commitment – Founders have personally invested €600,000
  • Market Size - $12 billion by 2027
  • Enterprise Ireland HPSU client
  • EIIS - Tax Rebate of 40% of amount invested