CRO#: 619851


Aero Comms

Frequency is bringing aviation communication into the 21st century.
by Justin Perry
108% Funded
€ 350,000 Funding goal
€ 378,970Invested

Company Summary :


Delays cost airlines over €22bn annually. Airlines use an overly complicated web of 8 - legacy, predominately analog - communication channels on a daily basis. Frequency is building the first, aviation operations specific, communication and collaboration platform. Optimised for delay and disruption management.

Founded on domain expertise, by three airlines pilots with over 40 years of flying experience and developed by a formidable programming team. We are passionate about combining vision with action.

Frequency allows real time information sharing and distributed decision making, across the airlines operations, so that the right decisions are arrived at sooner.


Key highlights:

  • Funded to date by Boeing, European Space Agency, Irish Aviation Authority

  • Top 30 Travel Tech Start-up – Plug and Play 2018

  • Finalists Hangar 51 2019, Winner of the Best Start-Up at Eye For Travel San Fran, Silver Medal National Start-up Awards 2019

  • Proof of Concept Airline Trial Completed

  • VC Lead Seed Investment Secured