CRO#: 611437


Hospitality Tech

HaloSOS protects US hotel staff in both personal safety and mass-crisis events. Not only do we protect people, we also safeguard a brand's valuable reputation.
by Fiona Moloney
353% Funded
€ 100,000 Funding goal
€ 353,295 Invested

Company Summary :


58% of all US housekeepers have been assaulted and harassed by a hotel guest. Assaults can lead to litigation costs averaging $276,000. These appalling figures have driven 57 global brands to implement safety mandates. Moreover, government legislation has begun to be implemented on a state by state basis. HaloSOS patented solution provides location-based staff safety to personal and mass crisis events. Our unique combination of voice activated alarms, room specific locating and location-based mass notification offers hotels the next generation of staff security.


Key highlights:

  • First contract expected to be signed with world’s largest brand for 500-bedroom property in the USA Summer 2020
  • Pipeline of customers include an additional 25 hotels under the same ownership
  • Commitment to a pilot program in a US casino scheduled for Q3 2020
  • Verbal commitment on a further 40,000 rooms through the 4th largest hotel brand
  • Investigation of new verticals, quotations submitted to potential customers in 2 additional verticals: hospitals and transport.