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HaloSOS - 2

Safety Tech

HaloSOS ensures US hotels are compliant with new legislation for staff safety. Its safety as a service platform delivers compliance for hotels and reassurance for staff.
by Fiona Moloney
107% Funded
€ 450,000 Funding goal
€ 483,563 Invested

Company Summary :


HaloSOS is delivering it’s Safety as a Service solution to some of the world’s leading hotel operators. The company addresses personal safety concerns for staff as well as providing hotel operators with a solution that complies with new regulatory and legal compliance. Its software, delivered on smart wearables is currently deployed in multiple US hotels.


Key highlights:



  • Almost 60% of hotel housekeeping staff in US have suffered assault or harassment from hotel guests.
  • Over 60 US hotel brands, covering 5 million rooms, have signed up to the “5 Star Safety Promise” which requires hotel operators to supply staff with a location based panic button by December 31st 2023 or else face fines and/or loss of brand.
  • In addition to the “Promise” , legislation or union demands are in place or pending in 10 state.
  • Sustainability/ESG, union and legislative pressures mean 2023 is a legal deadline to upgrade safety for staff.  
  • Of the 5 million rooms with the 31 December 2023 deadline, 80% or 4 million rooms currently do not provide an adequate safety solution.
  • HaloSOS is live (monitored over 120,000 hours of staff safety) and already generating revenues in the US market with some of the largest US hotel operators .
  • In early 2022, it won a significant contract for 18 hotels will see it drive revenues of over $700k from this contract .
  • It’s reference site in Washington DC is operated by a company with an additional 125 hotels, presenting a significant opportunity.
  • In addition it’s pipeline till the end of 2022 consists of over 23,000 rooms.
  • Break-even occurs at 25,000 to 30,000 rooms.