CRO#: 677960


Equine FinTech

EIIS enables safe and secure equine trading payments. It provides an escrow and warranties so both parties know the transaction is secure.
by Michael O'Flynn
120% Funded
€ 100,000 Funding goal
€ 120,248 Invested

Company Summary :


HorsePay provides online payment protection services for equine traders.

73% of equine transactions are “peer to peer” with no payment protection or recourse from scams. HorsePay payment technology addresses this issue by offering escrow facilities for up to 7 days, in a global, undigitised industry worth €278bn annually.


Key highlights:

  • lists an average of €320,000 of stock supported by 21 “early adopter” traders
  • MVP traction of €188,540 in sales at
  • will launch in October 2020 increasing stock from €320,000 to c. €7.3m  and will facilitate cross-border trade for the first time.
  • A new “one time” Instant Sale payment feature is launched in September 2020 
  • HorsePay has developed proprietary IP.
  • Vast undigitised market worth €278bn annually.