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Marker Content

Content Tech

Marker Content provides companies of any size with a huge, indexed-library of articles that can be used as Marketing Fuel for any business.
by Greta Dunne
58% Funded
€ 50,000Funding goal
€ 29,020Pledged

Company Summary :


As the unquenchable thirst for content envolves, Marker Content is a solution will save companies of any size, a substantial amount of time and marketing budget.

Because social media algorithms have evolved in favour of the customer, traditional advertising methods are not as effective as they once were.
Businesses are now required to provide more value to their customers in order to both retain existing customers and acquire new ones. To do that means creating content.
The Marker Content Library is a rich repository of evergreen articles that businesses can search and read fully before making a once-off purchase or subscription. Once downloaded, these articles can be edited, cropped, rebranded and changed to suit any company in the world.


Key highlights:

  • Over 50,000 tagged, indexed and formatted articles

  • 1,200 writers subscribed, signed up, and contributing content

  • MVP developed with 'Square 1' developers

  • Enterprise Ireland client

  • Accepted as part of the Alpha Startup group for the Web Summit 2019