CRO#: 563200

Net Feasa

Logistics Tech

We produce an IoT device that locates shipping containers anywhere in the world for the lifetime of the container saving shipping companies a huge amount of time and money.
by Mike Fitzgerald
257% Funded
€ 350,000 Funding goal
€ 900,400 Invested

Company Summary :


Net Feasa has developed energy efficient sensors (IoTPass devices) which can track the 30 million containers in use throughout the global supply chain. The Net Feasa tracking devices all connect back to the one network, The Knowledge Network, and are location agnostic which means information is centralized and vastly superior to the existing tracking processes. These processes are an unwieldy mix of phone calls, emails and independent databases which are hugely expensive and inefficient/manual.    


Key highlights:

  • The IoTPass devices use AI to manage battery life so they last for the lifetime of the containers without the need for maintenance (14 years).
  • Net Feasa has invested €2 million in its own mobile connectivity/network for the Internet of Things (IoT) and is fully licenced.   
  • The Net Feasa wireless network is already generating revenues from container shipping and ports operators.
  • Management have a combined 60 years experience in wireless networks, supply chains and the deployment of AI Connectivity as a Service (AI-CaaS)
  • There are 30 million containers in the global supply chain and Net Feasa is targeting 50% market penetration (15 million containers) for its recurring revenue AI-CaaS business model.  
  • Net Feasa is NOT an EIIS qualifying company