CRO#: 622820



A Veterinary Surgeon-designed unique digital solution where people can buy or rescue happy & healthy pets where buyers, sellers and the pets have all been vetted.
by Dr. Tim Kirby
114% Funded
€ 300,000 Funding goal
€ 342,879 Invested

Company Summary :



Petbond’s unique online platform is designed by veterinary surgeons where buyers and sellers of pets are assured that health and safety comes first. 

One third of all puppies sourced online through classified ads either die or become extremely ill during their first year of life. The quality control systems embedded in the Petbond platform and transaction processes ensure pet health and safety is prioritised and uniquely checks & protects both buyers and sellers. 


Key highlights:

  • Petbond has been endorsed by Dogs Trust, Veterinary Ireland, Allianz Pet Insurance and the Irish Kennel Club. 
  • Company already generating revenues and 300 new homes found for puppies. 
  • Irish pilot has 100 veterinary practices signed up to platform. 
  • About to pilot the Petbond product in UK with one of the six corporate veterinary groups which dominate 80% of that market. 
  • Global pet care market worth €200 billion per annum.  
  • UK dog care market alone worth €10 billion.