CRO#: 503322


Healthcare Tech

Developer of wearable hands-free video headsets and supporting software platform to revolutionize and replace outdated communications for healthcare professionals.
by Donal Morris
122% Funded
€ 300,000 Funding goal
€ 364,676 Invested

Company Summary :


RedZinc’s target market is Telemedicine. Its cloud-based proprietary technology enables healthcare professionals to conduct real-time video consultations on secure next generation networks. Direct, high quality communications can significantly accelerate diagnosis and treatments and improve patient outcomes. Target users are paramedics, nurses, clinicians and call centre operatives. 


Key highlights:

  • BlueEye Clinic service can be used for any medical consultation between clinician and patient using video. This service is already in commercial use by the HSE. 
  • BlueEye Handsfree is a wearable hi-definition headset hooked up to a secure cloud-based video service. It is used for training, emergency first-responder situations and expert consultations. 
  • European grants of more than €2 million have helped RedZinc invest in product development and market research. 
  •  BlueEye Clinic has won “Healthcare Award of Best Response to Covid-19” in 2020
  • The company is already generating annual revenues of more than €500,000.