CRO#: 679233


Sales Tech

Tacenda has developed a digital platform powered by AI to provide real-time monitoring and intervention across all units (End2End) in revenue operations structures.
by Dave Burke
106% Funded
€ 600,000 Funding goal
€ 633,051 Invested

Company Summary :


Large mobile phone and other technology companies lose up to 30% of their annual revenues by failing to align the various divisions that are responsible for delivering Revenues.  Tacenda solves this problem.  Its product is a digital platform which monitors revenue operations in real time across multiple business units, such as Sales, Marketing, Production, Operations and HR.  Through artificial intelligence (AI) the platform can spot deviations from performance plans and intervene with suggested solutions for personnel. Tacenda research/trials indicates significant up-lifts in revenue generation performance.  Beta testing trials with prospective clients will commence shortly. 


Key highlights:

  • World class management team with 35 years of direct relevant experience
  • The Target market for Tacenda is worth $100 billion.
  • Industry experts have previously invested in Tacenda and are doing so again in this current crowdfunding round of investment.   
  • The product is already built and has been funded to date by the founders.
  • The Beta platform is already deployed in two Billion-dollar companies and negotiating terms with 2 more.
  • First revenues expected in September 2021