CRO#: 553181


Clean Tech

Trifol EnviroWax is the first wax to be made from 100% recovered plastics and it will radically transform the sustainability of thousands of everyday products.
by Daire Gilmore
Portlaoise, Ireland.
175% Funded
€ 300,000 Funding goal
€ 525,598Invested

Company Summary :


It’s nothing short of an environmental scandal. Every year the world produces 350 million tonnes of plastic, but only 9% is ever recycled. The vast majority of old plastic is burnt, sent to landfill, or ends up in the ocean.


The world is finally waking up to the urgent need for a more responsible approach to plastic waste – so here’s an innovation with huge potential impact. Trifol is the Irish technology company that’s developed and patented a revolutionary process for transforming plastic waste into everyday waxes.


Key Highlights

  • Fully operational plant in Portlaoise
  • Patents protecting company's production process
  • Team has 60 years of experience in the waste recovery and processing sector