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Social Media - SAFE

Waivlength is a verified, autonomous social media platform built on blockchain creating a fairer and more rewarding network for its community.
by Niall O'Reilly
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€ 500,000Funding goal
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Company Summary :


The Waivlength platform is in the build phase but has already received backing from the Algorand Foundation and a 10,000+ person community from a prior token offering to support the creation of an autonomous social media platform backed by a fully verified user base.


Key highlights:

  • Waivlength is the latest recipient of the Algorand Foundation 250M ALGO Grant Award.  Competing with thousands of other grant applications, the Algorand Foundation recognised Waivlength as a high potential project that could bring huge value to the entire Algorand ecosystem. The grant amount received is for $250,000 in total.
  • Waivlength previously launched a token to support the Waivlength platform that was valued at $4.2 million prior to a temporary suspension of trading. Trading incurred a percentage tax on all transactions that exceeded $50k in revenue in a 3month period.
  • Big tech and social media platforms facing public backlash against dominant centralized databases, poor user protection/privacy and perceived lack of action on misinformation campaigns and online hate. 
  • Waivlength’s main traditional Web 2.0 competitors Facebook and Twitter face increased public and regulatory scrutiny.
  • Waivlength’s implementation of blockchain protocols and crypto (Web 3.0) provides new solutions for security, governance, privacy, monetization and verification.
  • The platform’s user base is rewarded in two ways: i) >70% of the entire token supply will be dedicated to the community to reward contributions and ii) 45% of Waivlength’s annual profits has been pledged back to its community of users.
  • Waivlength target market of the 18-34 age group has more than 2 billion social media users.